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Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice

Deskripsi Buku
Judul Buku Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice
Pengarang/Penulis editor, Joshua Dressler
Bahasa English
Penerbitan New York, NY: Gale, 2002
ISBN 978-0-02-865898-8 (PDF)
Deskripsi Fisik 1780
Subjek/Kata Kunci Law and society;
Pengarang Tambahan
Abstrak/Ringkasan An interdisciplinary source that addresses not only law but also sociology, psychology, history and economics. Entries vary widely from abortion to rape and from family violence to wiretapping, offering a mirror of issues dominating today's headlines. This edition is a complete update and revision of the previous edition that includes new essays on topics such as stalking, hate crimes, and HIV.
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