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Exploring Minority Youths' Police Encounters: A Qualitative Interpretive Meta-synthesis

Recent deaths by police of unarmed minority youth have raised important questions about the nature and outcomes of involuntary minority youth-police encounters. Youth are the most surveilled group of Americans and minority youth frequently…

The Heterogeneity of Resistance: How Black Students Utilize Engagement and Activism to Challenge PWI Inequalities

The national prevalence of systemic bias, such as police brutality, has influenced resistance to institutionalized racism on college campuses. Because of the daily microaggressions Black students experience at predominantly White institutions,…

Police stress and police officer length of service

The stress of law enforcement and its relationship to length of service was examined. The research strived to determine at what point in a police officer’s career do they begin to adequately deal with the inherent stressors of their chosen…

Alternative stories and the decision to prosecute: an applied approach against confirmation bias in criminal prosecution

After a storm comes a calm: International expert decision-making process regarding abstract definitions of emotional cool-off…

The Federal Bureau of Investigation coined the term ‘emotional cool-off period’ in relation to serial homicide defining it as any amount of time between kills where the perpetrator returns to their everyday life (Douglas et al., 1986).…

Intergenerational transmission of personality disorder: general or disorder-specific?

This study investigates intergenerational relationships between the father’s personality disorder (PD) traits and the PD traits of his male and female offspring. We examine whether the intergenerational transmission of PD is due to the…