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Exploring Minority Youths' Police Encounters: A Qualitative Interpretive Meta-synthesis

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Judul Artikel Exploring Minority Youths' Police Encounters: A Qualitative Interpretive Meta-synthesis
Pengarang/Penulis Nordberg, Anne
Edisi 2016
Abstrak/Ringkasan Recent deaths by police of unarmed minority youth have raised important questions about the nature and outcomes of involuntary minority youth-police encounters. Youth are the most surveilled group of Americans and minority youth frequently live in neighborhoods disproportionately targeted for proactive policing (i.e., using broad police discretion to "target" those most likely to be engaged in criminal activity before criminal acts become apparent). Understanding the experiences of minority youth who encounter police officers is of critical concern for social workers in many practice and research areas. Social workers must examine how a minority person's perceptions are formed through repeated, frequent, involuntary encounters with the police. The purpose of this qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis was to capture these experiences through the voices of minority youth in recounting their contacts with the police. Four themes were identified: dangerous, controlling, prejudiced, and ineffective. Further reduction of these themes resulted in an overarching theme that captures the essences of these youth's experiences: dehumanization. These results enhance understanding of minority youth experience with police officers and, thus, inform social work advocacy efforts around this issue in both practice and research arenas.
Subjek/Kata Kunci Youth police;Dehumanization;Minority youth
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